Sunday, November 25, 2012

Help Wildlife with this Family Teacher Childs class Gift idea

Today I ran across another  great  gift idea I wanted to share. I thought this would be great to give your child's class, your family as a gift or to a teacher you may know. Imagine, Adopting a pet for your family that you do not have to feed. You can also use the information  that comes with this to teach your children the importance of protecting wildlife. They have plush pets you can adopt starting at $25. I don't think that is so bad of a price considering you get the plush, Adoption papers and other information as well as it is a donation to help out the wild place of your choice. If we get one we will get this Gray Wolf. You can click here or the photo to go to the page where you can choose your own pet to adopt while helping wildlife with the donation. 
adopt a pet to help save wildlife and wild places

About the Sierra Club: Click to see what they are about and how they protect wildlife as well as the homes that wildlife lives in.


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