Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long stressful, day If you have children I BEG you to take CPR and Choking classes!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra and Matthew Sleeping. They are not the Twins but they sure are close. 
My day was busy. I installed  carpet in our back room, and  Jim came home to cut it straight. I called the college like I said I was going to do. I started my menu plan post for the week which is late.  The baby nursery is  hooked to my room, where I was working, while they watched Dora and had a snack. He is 2 and I am right here, so it was okay. Suddenly, I heard Matthew choking in the nursery. I got to him and he was  not okay. Because I had taken classes I know what to do but he quit breathing on me 3 times. The whole time I was working on him I was calling "JIM HES CHOKING" I screamed as loud as I could but he was in the basement working with Troy. Troy thought it was a scream and them Zane saying "He's JOKING." After those 3 times I got him to cough up some phlegm and food mixture and it came out his nose Jim made it up to realize what was going on. He then quit breathing again and Jim took over. Mean while Dad was finally on with the Ambulance as this was not working to get him to stop choking and breath.  The ambulance finally made it and he finally quit choking. He did burst his blood vessel in his eye and have a sore back from all the pounding on it but he was soon laughing and normal again. Very,  VERY scary for all of us and had we both not had training I am not sure he would be here. They still checked him out and said they thought he would be fine  and his lungs were all clear when they listened.  He did not have to go in and be seen but this could have been really bad. I wanted to share. I just feel like as a Mom of 8, if I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to take a CPR and Choking class. We have them at our hospital here. If you are pregnant it is a great time to take one as a preparation for parenting. The first time I used the training was on my son who stuck a nickle in his mouth. I knew just what to do and the coin popped right out and went flying across the room. I was so glad that I had taken that training from that day forward. I looked it up and seen that you can find places to take the class by going to Red Cross Website and searching in your area with your Zip Code!! Okay, There is my lecture for the day and I am off to bed. We took Matthew with us this evening when we went to pick my Moms Husband up from the Bus station and I am beat. The bus was an hour late. The roads were icy and we almost  crashed, Matthew was riding on my back after his choking incident and fell scraping his arm. He shut his finger in a glasses case of the girls and I think its the end of a long day right about now. The longest in History. (The girls got their glasses  today for the first time and they are cute I will post pictures)

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Paula Kaye said...

That does sound very scarey. My prayers are with you and your family.

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