Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Monday and Healthy snacks and Recipes for Kids Free Downloadable cookbook

Future Fortified collected healthy Recipes from bloggers and made us this wonderful cookbook to share with our viewers. This is my page in the cook book. The book has some great ideas on things to make with and for your kids.By clicking here the link it will open up in a PDF file and allow you to view   or print it. Below is my Menu plan for the week with links to some of the recipes shared with me by other bloggers for my family to try.

 I have my Menu plan and Weekly plans on the same post  because I use my Weekly Plans to decide on my menu. I don't want a meal with a ton of steps on a night that we have a VA appointment, 4 hours away for instance. If you are just getting into menu planning be sure to have your calender of events in front of you for this purpose. My husband actually comes to look at this page to see whats for dinner when I make the menu. Last week we were busy and we did not follow the menu as much as I would have liked so I will be trying out some of those recipes on weekends. I always have boxes of Hamburger Helper or frozen meals on hand for an emergency meal in case our schedule does not allow us to eat what I planned.  I am again sharing other bloggers Recipes


Parent Teacher Conferences... This is a very busy time for us coordinating among teachers to fit them all in.

Photo creidt: Albies website

Tonight we are having an easy Broccoli Cheese soup and Pizza sticks that come in a box from Albies that I bought at Save-a-lot. (This is a Made in Michigan Product.) 


Matthew /Early Head Start- Kate Band Awards

We have to bring a dessert for a dish to pass. I am looking on Pinterest for a Dessert that is related to Music. Hopefully I can find something before then so I don't have to pick up a already made dessert. 


Crock Pot Meatballs
(You can see the recipe by clicking here)

No Appointment's 

I will serve this with Some baked potatoes and a canned veggie on the side as well as garlic bread.


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Alex- Dr Appointment

We are trying this recipe this week and I am sure we will love it. Who does not love chicken and stuffing with cheese? I know this will be a hit with my family.


Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Can you believe we have a free day today. Yeah, Don't let that fool you I am sure we will find something that needs done.

I am sharing this recipe from one of my favorite blogs. I have made a recipe similar to this for years and my husband says it is one of his favorites. You can also use Bisquick for dumplings but this is an easier and still yummy version.


Paula said...

I have started menu planning also. And I have a ton of recipes from Pinterest to try. I leave comments on them to see if they are something that we want to eat again...or we just weren't that into it. You are as busy as we are...Have a good week

Mm said...

Paula, Did you notice that you won the giveaway awhile back for the Miracle Grow sample? I sent you an email but did not get a response. If you send me an email with your address I can have them mail it out to you. Let me know soon please or they may cancel the offer.

Carole said...

Thank you so much for following Carole's Chatter. I hope you have a lovely week.

Like Reading said...

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