Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Curry Puffs and Mini Pot Pies Easy to make Thanksgiving #leftover #pillsbury

2 Easy to make Recipes with leftover Turkey

 Mini Pot Pies Its just as easy.
  •  Use your leftover biscuits or make some up in a few minutes. 
  • While those are cooking take some canned or leftover Turkey gravy and mix it with cut up Turkey and either leftover Veggies or canned mixed veggies. Cook that until heated .
  • When the biscuits are almost done spread open a spot in the center where you can scoop the mixture into and finish cooking.

No Leftovers? You can make this with canned or cooked chicken all year long.

 You can find the Recipe for this  Turkey Curry Puff by clicking Recipe on Pinterest so you can repin it
Or here 


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