Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Dare Day 1 My holiday wish #blogdare

Saturday December 1, 2012 ~ My holiday wish!

Day 1 ~ My Holiday Wish

I wish that others who are struggling would have their wishes come true. 

You know the ones I am talking about? 

The Sick...

  • The mom and dad who has a child with cancer and wishes that her last round of Chemo works..
  • The mom who lost her child and wishes to regain a "Normal life" and learn to go on to live without her child. All the while not thinking it's not fair to her child that she was not the one.
  • The person who is waiting for a transplant to have the transplant from someone who choose to give life to another upon their death. (that's a tricky one) 
  • Peace for the family that lost their loved one, knowing that they will live on. 

The Military....

  • The Wife who wants her husband to return from war intact, 
  • The Widow who wants to get her life straight, since hers did not return and just can not find a way.
  • The Wife/Caregiver who struggles to help their soldier after an injury that wishes  life was normal again. (That's me)
  • The Soldier who wakes in the night with visions of their Buddy dying in their arms. I  wish him/her to get one good nights sleep.
  • The Mom/Dad whose son did not return to have the strength to wake up in the morning and go on without him.
  • The children who awaits his mothers return home from war to get their wishes.
  • The family struggling to get back to some sort of normal after deployment, to learn to live in peace again.
  • The Veteran who has no family to find a family to have Christmas dinner with and not be alone.
  • The soldier who checks his house 25 times to "secure the perimeter" before he can sleep, to know it is secure and he can rest tonight. 
  • The soldier who looks at the windows in a room while thinking that a "bad guy" is ready to jump through at any minute.. to look outside that window, see the sunshine and see that he is safe.
  • The Veteran who wished that people supported them with their actions rather than just words and Facebook statuses to get his wish.
  •  The homeless guy that I met the other day in Fremont, to find a home... To learn that there is good in the world. 
  • For everyone around the world to do one good deed for no reason and pass it on...

I bet I could go on for hours... I won't.... No worries....

I am in the middle of creating a board of Holiday ideas on Pinterest. I  should really add some things on their for myself.  Okay, I am off to do that.   A New laptop for me and   a movie for the husband, are a few things I want that are material possessions.


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