Monday, December 3, 2012

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I don't know what to call these... but they were Delicious. I had some leftover Pillsbury croissants and other things I needed to use. Jim would eat my Sausage, biscuits and gravy all the time, if I let him. I was bored with it so I decided to make something new. If you want this without the gravy you can even add hot sauce or salsa of sometime to the eggs. Just an idea.
You will need:
  1. Green pepper
  2. Shredded Cheese
  3.  Onion
  4.  Eggs 
  5. A little milk for the eggs
  6. A little Butter
  7. Sausage
  8. Flour (for the Gravy)
  9. Milk to cover the top of the amount of sausage you cooked (for the gravy)
  10. Sage (if you like it) For the Gravy 
  11. Roll of Biscuits, Croissants, Pizza dough or any other item like it that can be rolled or spread out to make a pocket with. 
Step 1: cook up the sausage until it is no longer pink and is at the temperature  that the package states it needs to be at.
Step:2 Add ingredients 1-6 together in a pan to cook. You can add  whatever else you want to the eggs but that is what I had on hand.
Step 3: Put half the Sausage in the Egg mixture
Step 4: Make gravy with the other half using items 7-9 and the recipe that can be found here.
(okay, I can not find mine on my blog.  I will have to write one up. In the mean time, look for a gravy recipe or buy canned to add to the freshly cooked sausage)
Step 5: Layout your dough that you have in a way that you can put a scoop of the egg mixture in and wrap it shut. If you have leftover Grands Biscuits you can roll them out to use as a wrap. This is what we had that needed used. We also had some bread-sticks which I cooked up and the kids dipped in the gravy.
Step 6: Cook per the directions on the package and check them to be sure they are done.

Now serve them with the gravy on top. 

How do I know that a recipe is good? It's all gone and they want 3rds! lol 


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