Sunday, December 2, 2012

James & Sierra, 3 years old and Matthew 2 years old Toddlers Free Things we want to do in 2013

James & Sierra, 3 years old and Matthew 2 years old 

Toddlers Free Things we want to do in 2013

Twins or Triplets
My babies, James Sierra and Matthew
You can click this picture and it will get bigger to view them better.

I see some people who  are making bucket lists for their toddlers. I can't bring myself to call it a bucket list, so the babies and I made a list of things they want to do this coming  year. 

  1. Graduate from Preschool James and Sierra 
  2. Graduate Early Head Start (Matthew)
  3. Start Preschool (Matthew) (I want to ride the bus Mama)
  4. Have a tea party with my mom and sisters. (Sierra)
  5. Get my homework done each week.
  6. Go to the park more.
  7. Check out the petting Zoo. (Feed the chickens ~ Sierra) (Feed the goats~ James)
  8. Make something wooden with Daddy. (Bird house or something out of scrap wood)
  9. See a horse and ride it. (Sierra)
  10. Bake a cake with Mama for Daddy's Birthday (James, Sierra and Matthew)
  11. Be Jr Cook and Cooker Doodle more. (we love helping cook)
  12. Learn my numbers, shapes and colors better.
  13. Learn my whole ABC song.(James)
  14. Go potty on the toilet every time.
  15. Learn to write my name.
  16. Color pictures with Mommy and Daddy more.
  17. Count to 100 by 1,s and 10,s
  18. Dress up like a Scarry monster and Scare my sissy. (James)
  19. Feed a goat. (James)
  20. See a lion, RAWRRRR (James) "I want to see a lion too, Mommy" (Sierra) "Want lion! Want lion! Mama" (Matthew)
  21. Go camping for my first time.
  22. Go fishing for my first time. (James)
  23. Dress up like a princess (Sierra)
  24. Play outside more. (James)
  25. Get a 4 wheel drive Monster Truck. (James)
  26. Make a snowman! (James)
  27. Make snow angels with the babies!(Mama)
  28. Go to Chuckie Cheese on my Birthday and share it!(James)
  29. Ride a bike fast. (James)
  30. "I want to learn to bake a cake, Mama." (James)
  31. "I want to get my pilots license and go to the north pole so I can get lots of presents from Santa to bring back to EVERY one." (James)
We may add some things to this of course. Okay, Now that I am done typing this up, I have 3 babies in cuddly pajamas and clean blankies, waiting for Mama on the couch. 


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