Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prepare for a #Green #Christmas with Jaws Cleaners #Giveaway

Jaws Cleaners are a great way to clean your home up as you prepare to decorate your tree.
I received 3 of these to review. JAWS Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner; JAWS Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser; and JAWS Bathroom Cleaner/Deodorizer

As you can see from the photo they each come with 2 cartridges on the side.  They cost around $15  to buy all 3 unless you catch a buy 1 get 1 free sale. (one Just ended but I would keep my eyes out for more sales)  That is 5 bucks for the bottle to start you out with 2 cartridges. Doing the math, it's only $2.50 per cleaner and saves the environment. Once you have the kit you can buy 2 refill cartridges for 3.99. It makes it less than 2 bucks a bottle for a Green Cleaner. (that would depend fully on how much it cost for shipping if you have to order them) I would say it is still low cost for a Green Cleaner.

There are 3 easy steps to get you going,

  1.  Fill the container with water to the line.
  2. Insert the cartridge in the bottle top. 
  3. As you place the spray nozzle back on, the cleaner is released into the water. 
You are now ready to clean. 
These cleaners worked well on light cleaning. 
  • My husband tried the degreaser on our stove and it worked well although we have burn around the  pilots that I did not  expect it to  remove. 
  •  The Glass and hard surface  cleaner worked well for glass with minimal streaks. I was using a towel, as I ran out of paper towel to test so I would say it worked great. It also surprised me at how well it cleaned the writing off the refrigerator. I think this works better for surfaces than the degreaser. It worked very well.
  • I wished that the scent was a little bit stronger for the bathroom cleaner. It was a light scent. It did its job and cleaned well. 
  • I noticed after the review, that they have a Disinfectant. That would be worth trying as we love to clean up if anyone is sick as well as so we don't get sick. Spraying door handles and all other frequently touched items in the house.

Where to Buy the Products
Disclosure: I received free products in exchange for this review but as you can see it is my own opinion. In no way is my opinion swayed by free products.:)


Unknown said...

I use a variety of green cleaning products in my green cleaning service. I have been happy with Jaws performance as well.

Shanley said...

Every year, at this time, my family often cleans homes to prepare for Christmas. I often use allofvacuumsto clean floors, chairs, carpets, dusty places. My husband will often go to the garden to clean the house. Cleaning and decorating the Christmas home is very important to our family.

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