Monday, December 3, 2012

Rice main dishes you can make with #leftovers food pantry items

Rice is one of the main items you can find at a food pantry if you are ever in need. This is  a great staple to have on hand, to throw  a meal together with. It also provides many nutrients. You can find that here.
For lunch today  we had leftover chicken. We cut it up, Added it to frozen broccoli, seasoned the meat and broccoli and added it to some rice. The chicken in this picture is cut up well  for Matthew to eat it. Jim and I  love Soy Sauce, so we sprinkled some of that on and buttered the rice. We make rice meals quite often so I thought I would share some ideas you can use to make your own rice meal with leftovers.

Spartan frozen vegetables

Step One: Cook your rice while you move on to the next step. When it is done butter it while it is hot if you like and cover it until you are ready to eat. 
Step 2: Choose a Veggie or 2 from one of the following that you may have on hand: (these can be frozen, canned or fresh) 
Green Beans
Fiesta Blend
California Blend
Snap Peas
French cut Green Beans
Winter Blend
Yellow Squash
Stir Fry Veggie mix
Water Chestnuts
Potatoes (Yes, we have cut up leftover baked potatoes, Seasoned and fried them to add to a stir fry)
Mushrooms (although they are not technically a Vegetable
Step 3: Choose a meat. (You can use leftovers or make something) (If your a Vegetarian skip this step obviously) :)
Leftover Turkey
Pork steak 
Beef Steak
Canned Chicken  I like to take it out and cook it up like a stir fry in oil and seasoning when using it for this.
Bacon bits
Bacon (If you choose this option, cook it up first. You can use some of the grease to cook the mixture for step 5 instead of oil)

Step 4: Choose your sauce and seasoning
Any type of seasoned sauce like Teriyaki, Sweet and sour etc will work but you can also just use Soy sauce and your seasoning.
Onion salt
Seasoning salt
Any other seasoning that your heart desires
Step 5: Throw all the ingredients that you chose from step 2-4  together and cook it. can be cooked in a little oil or some bacon grease if you used bacon as the meat.  It If you chose a frozen veggie, cook it per package directions before adding it to a pan. 
Serve the veggie and meat mixture over a pile of rice.  Enjoy your creation!


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