Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some are upset!! #RRjimday #RedRobin Jim day Free hamburger if your name is Jim

Is your name Jim, Jame or do you live on James street? You can get a free burger today!  Visit their Facebook  site  invite page for more details and to read the comments. You can also see the deal on their website. Some people are MAD. They think they are entitled to get the free burger as well and  are on the site throwing fits..
Their name is not Jim, STOMPS THEIR FEET they do not live on James street, THROWING THEMSELVES ON THE GROUND and don't get a free burger. KICKING FEET AND CRYING.
 My favorite comment in this thread was the one that said "If you are serious then America, this is the result of everyone getting a trophy just for participating even if you don't win ^^^ lol"  (this could be another "In My Opinion" blog post, which I am sure I will write some day.
In my opinion: Military gets a free meal some places on Veterans Day, Certain offers require you to do something to get something and others are only for kids such as the "Kids eat free deals" as some places. It is a business owners choice as to what they want to give away and to who. I am not Jim but I don't have a problem with my

husband or any other Jim getting something free. We don't live near a Red Robin or he would get one. I wonder why it is that so many people think they are entitled to every offer there is??? Oh well, If you qualify, Enjoy your Burger, I am happy for you!

To everyone not named Jim, Join the Royalty rewards at Red Robin and Get a Free Burger on your Birthday. Of course, that makes 2 days a year for Jim and only one for everyone else so some will still complain.Ahh... but for the rest of you.. Enjoy your Burger!


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