Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diary of 5

I am seeing...In my peripheral vision I see my daughter who is growing to be a beautiful young woman.

I am hearing...Crunch, crunch, slurp in my ear as she eats her blow pop. Luckily  it is not  a tootsie pop as she would never know truly how many licks it takes to get to the center.

I am smelling...Watermelon.

I tasted...nothing until I got to this question and she offered me a cherry one. MMM   to be a kid again!

I am feeling... sad because she has taken back my Cherry Blow pop and she said “Only a lick mom not the whole thing.”

What Aps I like- mommy Panel Question and is this phone really that smart?

The Mommy Panel

Is a panel of mommy bloggers who will be answering a question relating to parenting each week. This is hosted by Kelly AT the Grant Life. link is on the right side of my page so you can go check out the other bloggers answers.
This week’s Question from the Mommy panel is:
 What are your favorite Mommy apps?

I have a Samsung Galaxy s touch screen which has a full pull out keyboard.  I thought it would be good if the screen started to give out and I also was really not interested in upgrading from my Dinosaur phone I had, until a few months back.

I upgraded because my husband kept mentioning it. We had discussed it and agreed on the fact that we could not afford it and I did not want one. It still kept coming up that we were getting them and I would say I thought we agreed I did not want them and we can’t afford them. Well he kept forgetting we had “agreed” (He said ok your right but did not mean it LOL) and so…here we have them. He hates that I can be on my blog while we are anywhere and everywhere now. It turns out there are parts of it that I like better than him about it. He downloaded a few toddler learning games but mostly he sits and plays Angry Birds and bejeweled. He is not that good at bejeweled so He quit but he smokes me at angry birds so he plays it all the time. Me I try to get my blog going.

Upon coming back from the military Jim realized that we had one schedule and that what he plans directly affects me and vise versa. This caused a lot of problems and I think it was a Major factor in him realizing that he was not a single man who could just do anything at a whim as he had been for 35 years. So the Number 1 Mommy app that I use is:

Calendar which is synced with my Gmail

My husband’s is also synced with Gmail so that we can see each other’s schedule and all the kids’ schedules including Groundings. This makes it easy for Jim to make a VA appointment on his own without making it on a day that I have babies Dr Appointments and not have to call his wife and feel like he is asking for permission. It helps take the stress off me as he would make an appointment without thinking about the fact that he now has a wife and kids and it made me feel like he was not able to think of anyone but himself first.  He would get mad that I wanted him to change it and thought that I should change all my appointments as anything military takes priority over your family. These were some of the issues we had when he came back from deployment. LOL
If one good thing came of this phone it is that we do not have this problem anymore.

Number 2 is the maps application. Oh this is so much easier even though it loses signal at various spots on long trips it is over all great.

I use the kindle book app for books to read to babies but have not found any really neat picture books for babies that are free.
I loaded “Alphabet for Toddler” but I did not care for it over all. I also am not big on letting a child play with my one that cost so much to replace.

Oh yeah, I  want my own phone back. I like the mini computer  that this phone is but it is not for making phone calls on. My cheek hangs up on people. The screen does not always work already to answer a call and i think it is a driving hazard trying to make a phone call with one of these. the old one i could open and dial with out even looking at it . this one you have to many steps to get to a touch screen and when you have o press one to talk to an agent you have to press a button to get to the number keys again. 
If my kindle fire had full time internet and not just wifi I would get rid of this new phone and pay the cost of the contract i am failing. oh well another 1 and a half years  or more left on it.

Menu Monday (always seems to post on Tuesdays)

Menu plan Monday
Click the pic to link yours at org junkie.com

If you want to look further into my writing for tips and recipes and ramblings you can otherwise I have highlighted the main course.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whose in charge around here anyways???? God Should be...but is he?

In my opinion...

Raise your sons so that their wives won't have to. That was the twitter status on the page of  http://www.raisinggreatmen.com I asked  her if she had a blog post on the subject. She said she had not as of then but when I checked back she did. I Love that topic as I am sure a lot of women do. As a mom who used to be single and has dealt with immature men in a dating scene, I ask myself how I can raise my son so that his wife won't have to.  How do I raise a son of positive character who can responsibly   lead his family when the time comes? At the same time I need to raise my Daughters so that they can accept her husband’s role in the home. (Not as a dictator but a leader. More on that subject later.)

If it is up to a mother than let god lead the mother, and if there is a father in the home than the father needs to be lead by god. A mother and a father, both being lead by god is even better. 

What is the saying about the blind leading the blind? If you do not have god in your life and you are raising a child I believe you are just that. (The blind leading the blind
)What about the song that says "I once was blind but now I see" To me that means that when you let god lead you, you are able to see and now you will no longer be the blind leading the blind. 

This morning while my husband was getting ready to go to his Courageous Men’s meeting I thought. "A House can only be as good as its leader".  To me this says that a man who is lead by god will be as good as he can be though he is not perfect.  Sometimes I find it is hard to get into letting god have his way in my home. While Jim was gone overseas I was in the position of the leader.  When he came back he wanted his right back as the leader.  Well honestly things are all messed up when it comes to who is in charge around here. He had his set of rules in his head and the kids were already aware of mine although they did not always follow them. I thought he was too harsh and he thought I was too harsh concerning different subjects.  Other things we thought each other to be too lenient. The one thing that children need is stability. They need a consistent set of rules that both parents agree on. If you don't have this it leaves them confused and it leaves a door wide open for them to "play" you.  Children are watching you and learn from you and they then model you as adults. We must all know this by now. Look at so many of my pictures with the kids manor-isms they are modeling Jim's naturally. Even children who are not biologically Jim's will pick up parts of his behavior as well.

Something that Jim and I need to work on is having the same rules and supporting each other when we do not agree. We need to get back into our roles that god intended us to have.  I want to teach my boys to love god, rule their family with respect toward its members, have compassion for human beings, stand by their wives, protect them at all costs, and that hard work pays off. Those are just to name a few. What’s the point in all this? I do not believe you can teach them all that without putting god first. If God is the motor that drives you then you will go good places. I guess I don't have to tell you about what happens if the devil is your motor... I have ignored god trying to drive me at times and let the devil drive me and it is not good. Luckily we learn from our mistakes ask forgives and try again.

I believe that I made a mistake when I was younger and  (after my divorce) . Thank god I have grown. I got a message from Joyce At Hodge Podge  just now that said ”Glad you found your way in life and am happy we are not defined by who we are at 18. Good luck with the house!"    I loved that she sent that to me at perfect timing... I am very proud of how I have grown... okay not my rump...  ha ha..  Spiritually and as a mother I have grown. I also have things that could use work.  There is no one that is perfect but god. 

If I could go back I would not. I have learned from my mistakes and grown as a human being because of it. I am fully able to admit to my children that I may have done things in life that I regret and that not all things I have done are right. There are things that I have done in life that I am ashamed of. I feel that admitting to your children that things you have done are not right is essential because they are bound to see things we do wrong and model them but I think that admitting we were wrong makes a big impact on them and lessens the chances that they would model our negative behaviors when they see that we change our ways. That is not to say that you can do something over and over and say do as I say not as I do and expect them to listen. They will model us and most likely learn from what they see the most not from us telling them one thing and doing another.  If I would put god in charge around here I would know that Jim is  in charge and not question him. 
I would allow him to make mistakes and still stand by him. That is hard to do sometimes but it really is I feel the way it is supposed to be. He would in turn lead with a love for his family that is close to the same love that god has for Jim. That is just my opinion.... So do you think I am on the right track? 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

February Giveaway Wal-mart gift card

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Diary of 5

I am seeing...    Sometimes Sight is not seen with your eyes but your heart and mind. That things are not always as they seem.

I am hearing... In the distance the laughter of my babies playing with their daddy and the Show on the t.v.  muffled.

I am smelling... The dinner we ate tonight which was Parsnips french fried, 

I tasted... Parsnips french fried  which reminded me of a carrot and so I french fried some carrots to try it. Something that was okay but no replacement for good old potato fries.

I am feeling... That it is a great time to go watch facing the giants with the family and relax for the evening I have been working all day on the house. Plus since writing this I am now hearing a noise in the kitchen I want to go check out.

please click this link if you would like to join other women who are blogging about their diary of 5 
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Simple Woman's Day book


Outside my window... I opened up the window and began to soak up the warm sun coming through when I remembered that the medication I am on does not allow me to be in the sunlight. I was surprised that It made me sick so fast just from a little light. .  

I am thinking...
that it is hard reintegrating after military life. It has been over a year since Jim has been back and it still seems like we are not back to our new normal as a couple.

I am thankful...
after months of doctor appointments I am begging to get answers to what is going on in my body.  It is getting further away from cancer which the doctor was pointing toward and looking like it is complications resulting from my c-section causing all my troubles. I still have an appointment with the cancer center but my doctor seems to think I won’t need it.

In the kitchen...
We are supposed to have an easy meal like pizza subs or maybe go out to eat. I doubt we will go out to eat as these meds are making me sick so I am glad I planned for an easy meal. I also bought my dad some parsnips the other day at Bird’s and He is planning on French frying them for an after school Snack.

I am wearing...
seems I am always in my pajamas when I get time to write these. I am wearing Jim’s shirt that says hard work pays off later laziness pays off now.  Also a pair of brown exercise pants.

I am creating...
I need to take the time to make the curtains for the boy’s room. I bought them material for 14 bucks to make them Pok√©mon curtains. I have not taken time to sew in so long. I suppose I could be dong that instead of blogging.

I am going...
to be very busy next week with appointments.
I am wondering... Not really anything actually.

I am reading... 
I need to get the book review ready for the book that I am reading on relationships and turn it into book sneeze. I have a link on the right top corner for the family book challenge. I have to add the books we have read so far as I added that link yesterday. We are trying to read 2012 books in 2012 combined. That thing will not count books that have been read by one person and then another so that makes it hard when the girls read the same books. I might be able to figure it out somehow though.  It seems like a lot but we read to the babies all the time and with all the readers we have in the house it adds up fast. I think we have read 100 already this month when I get them all added in to the app.

I am hoping...
I am always hopeful! If we don’t have hope we have nothing!

I am looking forward to...
the medication that I am using to work, so that I will not be as tired and sore all the time. I really have not gone this long without losing my pregnancy weight and I do not do well being this overweight and underactive.

I am learning
things will not be the same as they were but different can be good.

Around the house...
I can see lots to be done. Jim wants to take all the girls stuff out of their rooms except their beds as they have been fighting about cleaning their rooms. 

I am pondering...
How that might work out for them to not have the privilege to have their belongings in their room? 
They each have a vanity right now.

A favorite quote for today...
Oh I love this spot I seen a good one when I got my blood drawn. People will not always remember the words that you spoke to them but they will always remember the way you made them feel.
One of my favorite things... Is reading the other women’s blogs and getting ideas on how they live simply and joyfully. But also in seeing real life stories that show that not all things in blog land are perfect at everyone’s houses and that we all have some flaws and that is normal.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I guess helping Jim with whatever idea he has come up with for the girl’s rooms while they are gone.

A peek into my day... I do not have a pic uploaded of today so here is one from this week.

This is Jim and Sierra. When the babies got sick they started sleeping in our bedroom again even though there nursery is connected to our room. Well, I said I wanted them to go back in their own room and Jim is not ready to let them go. This is a smaller than crib sized bunk bed that Jim is scrunched up in to help Sierra get to sleep. James is on Top bunk all Passed out already.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facing the Giants dinner and a movie tailgate recipe idea n links

Dinner and A Movie

Facing the Giants

Get In the mood for next week’s super bowl Sunday by kicking off this weekend with a Football movie!!!  
This was a great family movie!
Check out the movie ratings by the Dove Foundation

So what are we eating with that?
Chips and cheese deluxe and Chicken wings seems to be pretty popular but I love, Bbq boneless Skinless chicken. Take your chicken cut it into strips like in this recipe but add Barbaque sauce before you cook it.

Some pictures from our week... Just a few Craft ideas for art time

Craft idea for art time  using tops from misc objects to teach the babies about differences in colors and sizes. Pictures from the week... Don't forget while you are here to enter my giveaway that is going on for a Devotional book!

Alex's Dr apt Jimmy playing with the kids toys. LMBO 
Megan and ALex

The girls and I made Jim into Joseph ha ha

Troy and Matthew playing PlayStation 3 

At the Docs.. Wanted to show it to James cause of the billy goat.


Mamas turn to play with Alex

Flying Leap Frog

Baby Preschool The group circle time

Is it lunch yet?

Fine I will eat this fake fry!

Art time this is paint with circle tops of all shapes and sizes.

Sierra loves this art time!

She has paint at home just need the easel

Matthew loved dipping it in and stamping it until ...

He decided to taste it.

Time to clean up to go home means they get to take turns hitting the gong!

While waiting to be buckled up she took daddy's spot and did not want to give it up.

To link up with a handmade item  click here where I  am sharing this with


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How is everyone doing with their new years resolution/goal to lose weight?

These pics are from right after I had the twins. And 35 pounds lighter... GRRR... I can not wait to be able to be more active. I can not even walk on My tread  mill right now. So I had started trying to lose weight and  lost about 10 pounds and then I gained it back cause I got sick. My c section never healed properly. They may have to go do a Laparoscopy   take  a scope and look around inside of my insides to see if I have adhesion's. It causes a bunch of pain across my lower back and stomach. I started feeling sick last summer then after many doc appointment's and an ultrasound of a swollen lymph node the doc said it all turned out fine. No explanation of the swollen gland or pain which lead him to referring me to a Cancer Center.  I have a appointment with a cancer center  but I went to get another opinion  and my ob doctor seems to think it is to do with my c section and all my insides being infected. He thinks that the cancer idea is too  dramatic. So here I am taking 2 antibiotics that are very strong to see if it will help. He thinks it will and then we can go forward with seeing how to deal with the pain from the c section scarring (adhesion's or what ever it is). This is great news for me and trying to get some exercise to lose some of this weight because It is very depressing not being able to do much with out being tired and sick all the time. All of my pain from the C section never went away this time like it did last Time and I am so tired all the time is is crazy.

So My stomach is kinda showing in this pic but oh well.. this was  in  Sept 09 ?  The twins were born  in June 09   I think I may have been starting to get fatter here.

July 2009 not long at all after twins were born
June 26 ... size 7 What the heck
 Well I Know I sure am not doing very well.  about my weight loss now  if you haven't seen my current pics I have gained a ton... size  12 or 14  which i am not happy with. Ok I know I look like I am dying here it has to do with all the blood loss from the birth and stuff but still my point is how much I weighed right after having twins who were number 6 and 7 baby for me... and how much I weigh now after Matthew 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Menu Monday Penne Noodle Lasagna recipe

Menu plan Monday

If you want to look further into my writing for tips and recipes and ramblings you can otherwise I have highlighted the main course.
 Emergency meals:  1:       2: 
Homework comes home tonight which makes for a busy night. (We had a snow day yesterday.) We also had an appointment at the Children’s hospital for a problem with our son that has been ongoing. We changed his meds to a lower dose and it has been documented for his father to give the meds also as he had not been. (One of those stories where you realize why god wants us to be married only once and not break his rules) So my Menu for the Week..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Give away The Uncommon Life Daily Challenge Christian book review

The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge 

Author Tony Dungy
 Author Nathan Whitaker

The One Year Uncommon

 Life Daily Challenge Book Giveaway

This book has 365 days of devotions. It focuses on different themes each day of the week and starts over again the next week: Core, Family, Friends, Potential, Mission, Influence, and Faith. This book is written in a way that you can start in on any day of the year and keep going until you get back to where you started. The Giveaway has ended. Please like us for more great Giveaways. Continue reading for the rest of the review  and a Video.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Age Appropriate Chores
The Twins James and Sierra (2years and 7 months)
Sierra helping her sisters dry dishes.
James the super fast table washer
Sierra helping dry the cups with her sisters. 

James washing the table

I would highly recommend a stool for your child to use in assisting you with chores. Keep in mind that babies will need you to assist them in most chores and they can be your helper. The stools we have were in the house when we moved in and work great. They are made out of old wood.  Sierra is standing in a chair that has arms all around it. We also never allow the babies to touch the sharp or breakable objects that they could get hurt on.
      • Help make beds
      • Pick up toys
      • Help set table (plastic non breakable)
      • Throw trash away
      • Help clean up messes with a towel
      • Wipe furniture or walls with a rag or use socks on his hands to help dust. (not using harsh chemicals)
      • Water garden with you
      • Help pick up toys in the yard
      • Use manners most of the time. (please, Thank you, you’re welcome)
      • Help put clothes in drawers such as socks and underwear.
      • Help put the items in the bathroom back in the proper place with direction
      • Learn to fold simple items such as towels and help put them away.
      • Help sort laundry
      • Help carry, drag, or push  laundry baskets to the laundry area with help.
      • Clear their spot at dinner scraping food into the trash with help and bringing their dish to the sink to be rinsed.
      • Wipe down chairs after dinner with a rag
      • Help feed pets
      • Learn to get a drink
      • Help mop (I found sweeping tends to make a mess as it flies across the room and does not end up in an organized pile.)
      • Help sweep with a hand broom and help hold the dust pan.
      • Get potty seat out to use the toilet and put it away when done. We have theirs hanging on the wall.
      • Learn to wash own hands, brush teeth and floss with a children’s flosser.
      • Start to learn the routine for the week. (James knows that when it is Tuesday Mrs. Judy is coming)
      • Help bring in groceries from the car and put them away
      • Help mark chores on the chart and be a family store employee to earn money and start learning about saving.
      • Help shovel snow
      • Help prepare food by helping pour ingredients in and  helping stir. This is also teaching them math skills.
      • Pray at dinner (James can lead a whole dinner prayer now but here is what he said the other day “Dear lord thank you for this dinner and thank you for this body! Amen YAY) He meant to say thank you for this dinner Please bless it to our body and thank you for this day.
      • Help push the buttons to start washer or dishwasher. we don't have dishwasher yet. 

AGE APPROPRIATE CHORES FOR BABIES 9 months -2 years and up

Matthew after his first hair cut, mama kept the curls long that time
See my giveaway that is going on until Sunday and linkup to my Simple Sunday with a easy Sunday dinner or Simple Sunday Tip

Age Appropriate Chores
Matthew (1year & 4 months old)
This is not his chore list it is just  a list of things that I think babies can help with at a year old to start teaching them to help. From the moment a child is born it is our responsibility to train then to become adults that can function in society and make a positive impact on the world around them. 

      • ·        Help get himself dressed by putting his arms in the sleeves etc .
      •       Help clean his own face and hands
      • ·        Practice eating with a spoon
      • ·        Fold hands and pay attention to prayer at dinner and says amen at the end.
      • ·        Help put away toys
      • ·        Follow directions when asked to do something like sit in time out
      • ·        You can guide him in doing things to teach him like shutting off lights getting dishes out to set the table with having him carry the ones that are plastic and helping him place them on the table.
      • ·        Also guide him in clearing the table and putting away the things that are plastic such as ketchup or mustard and seasonings.
      • ·        Throw away trash
      • ·        Guide him in cleaning up spills
      • ·        Help mop by holding the mop with you
      • ·        Wipe furniture or walls with a rag or use socks on his hands to help dust. (not using harsh chemicals and this is something that we can start closer to 2)
      • ·        Water garden with you
      • ·        Help pick up toys in the yard
      • ·        Start using his manners
      • ·        Help put clothes in drawers such as socks and underwear.
      • ·        Help put the items in the bathroom back in the proper place with direction.
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dinner and a Movie Courageous / easy sausage soup recipe

When I started this I planned on putting up movies that were kids movies and a food that went with the theme. well I realized that we watch a lot of family movies around that just don't have a good snack or dinner that matches the movie theme.  This week we bought Courageous the movie on Amazon. It is the firsts time I have bought a movie that is not a hard copy. I can watch it on my Kindle or use it on my computer. I am hoping it allows me to burn it to DVD.
So If you are planning on watching this movie and you are a sap like me get some Kleenex.  Really! I cried through this movie a lot.  

This movie is a humorous and  action packed movie. It is  about a police force that is shown the reality of the impact  on society from fatherless homes. They deal with gang related activity in their job. When tragedy strikes that directly impacts an officers family he reaches out for the help of a pastor to teach him all that god has asked of fathers. These men are called to the duty of holding each other accountable to the resolution they all signed. The resolution is  to become a better husband and father by giving 100% to do as god wants them to.This is a family friendly movie that empowers men to want to  become better fathers and husbands just by watching it. 

Sausage Soup
It may take courage to cook try this but once you do your family will love it. There is never left overs when I make this. This was something that my MIL taught me how to cook when she lived with me.
My recipe this week is a quick and easy sausage soup. This is made with the broth from the beef that was cooked for BBQ Beef Sandwiches the other day. Jim sifted it 3 times after cooling it to get all the grease out. 

8 Potatoes pealed diced and boiled until they still have  a slight firmness to them.
2 cans green beans
2 cans mixed Vegetables
1 can corn 
2 pounds polish sausage we use the big pack of Eckridge and we pealed the skin off. 
6 - 8 cups of broth (we used what we saved from the beef roast this week)
1 larger onion diced

While cooking the potatoes boil  your cut up meat in the broth with your onions.  You will want to add seasoning if your using a canned broth. I did not have to as Jim  had seasoned the meat when he cooked the roast the other day  so our broth was seasoned. When potatoes are done drain them and add them to the meat and broth.  Add the rest of your ingredients, cook for about 20 minutes. If you want to cook it longer on low or place it in the crock pot on low or you can just  serve it. It can also have any veggie added to the potatoes when you cook them if you want like carrots, celery or cabbage.  It is all up to you what you want to add to this.

Help Support my small business while making an investment in a life time guaranteed Kitchen product