Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Juppy Momentum Review and Giveaway #thejuppywalker

Before Christmas, I was given a chance to do a review of this great baby product. As some of you may know everything computerized in my home seemed to die all at once. Maybe I should be doing a review of the 2 Kindle Fires, 3 Toshiba Satellite's and my Samsung Cell phone  that died. I will leave those for later and be happy that I now own a new Gateway that I, so far, LOVE! I am finally able to complete this review. Each time I got one of my devices working, I was able to do only one review and post a few items before the device was no longer usable. On to the Review and Giveaway  already!

The Juppy Momentum is one of the coolest "simple" baby items, I have found in all the  years  parenting 8 children. When My 2nd child was learning to walk I had one similar to this. She was walking at 7 months. After it ended up in storage I never used it on any of the other children. She did walk earlier than any of the them as they all walked in between 10 - 12 Months old. In comparing the one I had for her with this, I would say that this one is better made. It is made out of a durable canvas and can even be personalized with the babies name. The best part of this is that if you have lower back problems it makes it easy to spend a longer time helping your baby walk as you do not have to bend down to hold their hands. You simply hang on to the straps. It also gives the baby a chance to walk on their own in a sense while still being supported by a parent. You can also find great parenting articles on their web site

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momo said...

Helps when the little one is just learning how to walk.

Anonymous said...
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Jeff Rivera said...

Nice review, Missy.
I find this product very useful. The Juppy seems to mix the design of the Jump-up, the mobility of the walker and the love and support of Mom or Dad without breaking their backs. I definitely recommend this to every parent/caregiver! Save your back for when you hug your kiddos!

Jeff Rivera
Bestselling Author

Angel Jacklyn said...

I think the product is great! It's nice to finally have something that the parent controls so it's accident-free & super beneficial!


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