Thursday, February 7, 2013

Menu Plan January

Menu Plan for the month of January
My pet peeve is hearing, "whats for dinner" and having to scrounge around to see what were eating at the last minute. In effort to get away from that, I decided to make a whole month worth  of menus and shop for it all at once. It worked pretty good this past month. It gives us more time to hang out at night also.
In an effort to make a menu plan quickly, I decided to go with my husbands wishes and make a certain night of the week for a certain type of food. It was easy that way. Although I get bored with things being that uniform in life, His military side loves it. You can see from the menu this month I did not feel like getting all fancy. I knew we would be busy and I planned accordingly. This sometimes means Hamburger helper but that's okay. You don't have to be a chef.  I am busy February too so I am getting ready to make a months worth of menus at once again. I will try to post it. I like to look at menu Ideas to get ideas for what to cook so My mom sent me  a few months worth of menu plans that I can find other things on.

Mondays: Sandwich night
Tuesdays: Mexican night
Wednesdays: Misc casseroles, Soups and things like that
Thursdays: Italian
Fridays: Whatever didn't fit anywhere else
Saturday: Depends on the calendar and what we had going on.
Sunday: Dinners

  1. Fish sticks tater tots
  2. Burgers and fries
  3. Wet burritos
  4. noodles Alfredo
  5. pizza casserole
  6. biscuits sausage Gravy
  7. subs
  8. meat loaf veggies potatoes 
  9. sloppy Joes chips pickles
  10. Taco Salad
  11. chicken broccoli casserole
  12. spaghetti
  13. chicken stew
  14. hot dogs grillers
  15. chili
  16. chicken sandwiches fries
  17. Velveeta skillet Taco Meal
  18. Stir Fry Chicken Rice
  19. Lasagna
  20. Hot Beef Sandwiches
  21. Grilled Cheese
  22. Megan's Birthday  Pizza Rolls 
  23. Tacos
  24. Grilled Chicken sandwich
  25. Brats Chips beans 


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