Friday, May 3, 2013

Abducted Missing Michigan Mom Jessica Heeringa Police seek information please share

I have been too busy to blog for awhile, But I read that the story of a Missing girl near where I live is not being broadcast on stations outside of our area as much as It should be. I read that With Today being the 7th Day that she is missing, It is important to keep the story in the media as much as possible. I thought maybe us bloggers could help get this out there. Each one of us has the chance to reach thousands of people through social media that can see her picture and the picture of the man that is wanted for questioning concerning her abduction.

Here is the information I know: You can get all information on her FAcebook page.

Jessica was Abducted from her place of work on Sternberg Road in Norton Shores Michigan
From witness testimony the above picture is what the man looks like that took her. Evidence shows that he may have waited outside her work , as if  waiting for the best time to take her. There were no cameras at the store she was working at but cameras from neighboring businesses caught his van on their cameras.
Jessica is a Mommy and her baby boy misses her as do her parents, FiancĂ© Family and Friends. Please share this story with your blog followers.  Copy and paste whatever you like to your own post if you have to. You can find more information on this story by Reading it on our local news stations here in Michigan.


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