Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pinterest Recipe I Tried it before you do... Crockpot steak meal

There was a new recipe floating around for this crock pot recipe I just had to try. Sort of like the Hard boiled eggs cooked in the oven that I just had to try. I only read it for a second and lost where it was but I know it said 6 hours on Medium.

This is How  I cooked mine.
 I  Added New york strip steaks minus that big strip of fat on the side to the bottom of the crock pot. I poured almost a whole large  bottle of  A1 steak sauce over it and covered it with tin foil.

I added some whole potatoes in foil and some I cut in half. I was curious if they would get done all the way through. I also added butter to the inside of each foiled potato and corn on the cob.   The recipe said to put it on med and I put mine on high. The recipe said 6 hours. The neighbor lady did one and she said  her potatoes were not done all the way so I think the extra hour and a half worked well. I also think that if I wanted it done in less time than cutting the potatoes in half would do the trick. Mine ended up taking 7 1/2 hours. The meat was tender and it was yummy. Next time I think I should add a little water to the sauce as it will cook out of it anyways and I don't think it will hurt the flavor. I would have liked it to be a little saucier. 


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