Friday, October 25, 2013

#Wounded Warriors, #Disabled #Veterans or anyone 100% Disabled have #student loans discharged #Budgeting

Today, while I was in the process of preparing to consolidate  my husbands student loans I  found out that we could apply to have his discharged.

The process for a Veteran with 100% Disability is really simple. You have to show proof of your award letter from the VA showing the disability and fill out sections 1 and 2 of the form found here. It took me 5 minutes or less to fill it out and fax it over to 1-303-696-5250 

If you look at the form you will notice how simple it is if you have the 100% VA rating. If you do not have that, but are disabled, and receiving Social security Disability you can apply and use your award letter from Social Security. You can also apply and have your Doctor fill in section 3 if you do not receive Social security. Some people will be required to send in proof of income, Although Veterans with 100% disability do not. For more information on the rules you can see their web page.

 I am not clear on all the different rules for everyone. I just wanted to share this as it was something that will save us about $25,000 dollars. My husband has a Degree that he can no longer use because of his disability. It was sort of like Christmas for us today finding this out. :)  They said there is no minimum or maximum amount. Everything would show as paid in full if you qualify including the interest that has been accrued.  Once you send the application in they put a hold on your student loans for 120 days automatically while they decide if you qualify or not. One application will cover all of your federal loans also. You can call them to get more details.  Phone: 1-888-303-7818 Check out the website also. Disability Discharge

I will be posting a while from now and letting my readers know how the process went and if it got approved for my husband.

 Because, I take care of all my husbands paperwork for him, I also had him sign the TPD Discharge: Applicant Representative Designation (PDF) This form gave me the right to speak on his behalf as well as fill out the paperwork for him. 

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