Monday, November 25, 2013

New Michigan Property Tax exemption for 100% disabled #veterans #Woundedwarriorproject #Military

Today I received  this email regarding Property taxes for disabled Veterans From My CareGiver Support Coordinator. Please pass this on to Veterans and Veteran Service Organizations:

Recent legislation approved by Governor Snyder declares that if you are a disabled veteran owning your own home, you may be exempt from paying property taxes. Disabled veterans who have been discharged from the armed forces under honorable conditions and meet one of the following criteria now qualify for this tax exemption in Michigan:
a) Has been determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to be permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service and entitled to veterans’ benefits at the 100% rate.
b) Has a certificate from the United States Veterans’ Administration, or its successors, certifying that he or she is receiving or has received pecuniary assistance due to disability for specially adapted housing.
c) Has been rated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as individually unemployable.

  If you would like to Read the Bill I have it saved in my Drive here with Public access for viewing. Enrolled Senate Bill no. 352 This link will open in a new window. 

When I Read the bill I seen that your exemption from taxes starts on the Date you became 100% disabled. I called the city of Newaygo and they stated that I need to talk to the assessor for the paperwork. The lady at the County of Newaygo Treasury office stated that it is so new that they do not have the forms yet for us to fill out.  I still wanted to share this so that anyone who qualifies can be prepared to look into it with their local Assessor. I also seen that if a spouse of a veteran does not remarry she will still qualify for the exemption. I will be checking out more details as they become available. 
Some questions I have to get answered are: ( I will get the answers to these as soon as I can. At this point the tax assessors are still being trained on how to do the paperwork for veterans. 

  • If I paid taxes while disabled will I get a refund on those taxes paid?
  • If I owe back taxes during a period I qualified in  will they be dismissed?
  • What paperwork will I need to fill out in order to see if I qualify?
  • If a spouse of a veteran who should have qualified has died previous to this bill going into effect, can the surviving spouse still apply as long as they are not remarried?

I have Found some answers to these questions in a letter That was sent out to Tax assessors in Michigan.  I have copied and pasted this here: The original letter can be found at this link for reference. It will open up a new window. 

Governor Snyder recently signed into law P.A. 161 of 2013. This Act amends MCL 211.7b 
regarding Veterans Exemptions to read as follows: 
 Sec. 7b. (1) Real property used and owned as a homestead by a disabled veteran who was 
discharged from the armed forces of the United States under honorable conditions or by an 
individual described in subsection (2) is exempt from the collection of taxes under this act. 
To obtain the exemption, an affidavit showing the facts required by this section and a 
description of the real property shall be filed by the property owner or his or her legal 
designee with the supervisor or other assessing officer during the period beginning with the 
tax day for each year and ending at the time of the final adjournment of the local board of 
review. The affidavit when filed shall be open to inspection. The county treasurer shall 
cancel taxes subject to collection under this act for any year in which a disabled veteran 
eligible for the exemption under this section has acquired title to real property exempt under 
this section. Upon granting the exemption under this section, each local taxing unit shall bear 
the loss of its portion of the taxes upon which the exemption has been granted. 
(2) If a disabled veteran who is otherwise eligible for the exemption under this section dies, 
either before or after the exemption under this section is granted, the exemption shall remain 
available to or shall continue for his or her unremarried surviving spouse. The surviving 
spouse shall comply with the requirements of subsection (1) and shall indicate on the 
affidavit that he or she is the surviving spouse of a disabled veteran entitled to the exemption 
under this section. The exemption shall continue as long as the surviving spouse remains 
(3) As used in this section, “disabled veteran” means a person who is a resident of this state 
and who meets 1 of the following criteria: 
(a) Has been determined by the United States department of veterans affairs to be 
permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service and entitled to veterans’ 
benefits at the 100% rate. 
(b) Has a certificate from the United States veterans’ administration, or its successors, 
certifying that he or she is receiving or has received pecuniary assistance due to disability 
for specially adapted housing. 
(c) Has been rated by the United States department of veterans affairs as individually 
The purpose of this communication is to make Assessors and Equalization Directors aware of 
this new Act and to provide some basic guidance. The State Tax Commission will issue 
additional guidance following their December meeting. 
1. This exemption is only available to disabled veterans or, if the veteran has died, to their 
unremarried surviving spouse who own and use the home as their homestead. 
2. The disabled veteran or their surviving spouse must be a resident of the State of 
3. Assessors are advised that eligible disabled veterans will be able to apply for a 2013 
exemption at the December 2013 Board of Review. An exemption will cancel the July 
and December 2013 taxes, but will not cancel any taxes levied before 2013. 
4. The Act requires an Affidavit be filed but does not require this Affidavit to be an official 
State of Michigan form. A standard Affidavit is not planned to be developed at this time.

I will add benefits  I find for veterans as soon as I find out about them.  If you have not read my previous post on how to get your student loans forgiven if you are 100% disabled please feel free to read that at this link.
 How to apply to Discharge your Student loans if you are 100% disabled!


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