Free things to do with kids

One thing that helps occupy children in schools is the teachers have centers for kids go to. They go from one to the next and it keeps them busy so that the teacher can do other things.  This is a list of some things to  do on weekends and days when there is no school to keep the kids busy. Busy kids help to eliminate boredom without sitting in front of a TV. Screen all day and makes mom and dad happy.
Ideas for  stations for kids and things to do in general with kids to keep them busy

  • Arts and crafts
  • Color book with crayons
  • Set up a computer with a YouTube video of a Mark Kistler art lesson

  • Make a card for a friend
  • Make cards to send to an assisted living home
  • Computer time

Mom approved sites:
  • Practice your times up to 12
  • Timed math pages subtraction
  • Timed math pages Addition
  • Read a book to the babies
  • Puzzles
  • Make your own poster for your room: (use a picture off Google search that is not copyrighted, save it to Word, customize it and then laminate after printing)
  • Read and rest
  • Make your own book using Ziploc bags
  • Play a game with a partner
  • Listen to a book on cassette or CD ... (Yes I have both)
  • Write a play to act out Make a puppet for a puppet theatre 
  • Make paper airplanes
  • Make a puppet theatre out of a cardboard box
  • Cooking (have the kids help you bake some apple crisp or some other treat)
  • Play dress up with old hats and clothes
  • Cops and robbers:  do your kids still play this?
  • Watch a movie for free on Hulu
  • Cowboys and Indians 
  • Make a band with pots and pans
  • Charades
  • Pictonary
  • Red rover
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Ring around the Rosie (Literally they make a ring around Rosie and dance lol)
  • Dance
  • Homework during play time if you didn't get it done when you were supposed to!!!
  • WII
  • Play outsideHide and seek
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Help with gardening
  • Weed
  • Rake a leaf pile to jump in
  • Write a letter to heaven
  • Pop some popcorn and Play movie theater in the living room
  • Make a camera; Use your imagination find animals to take pictures of (use stuffed animals)
  • Make a fort and play in it
  • Make wings and fly  
  • Play doh using cookie cutters that you may be able to find at a charity store
  • Go on a bear hunt:
  • Google how to draw “________” and take a drawing lesson: Dinosaurs cars trees cartoons  are all ideas
  • Write a letter to Grandma
  • Write a letter to a soldier
  • Dance to songs from YouTube   

I am adding a list here of things that do cost money but are pretty low cost.. I will be adding things as I find more to this list as I find more time to do so and get more ideas. 
  1. Lewis Farms in New Era Michigan is a great place to take the kids for cheap during summer or harvest time.They have group rates also and we qualify for the group rate with just our kids.


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