Meet our Family

Katelyn 12  in the peace shirt at summer church camp! They had a bake sale and garage sale to help with the cost which was a great learning experience for her.
Katelyn waiting for the bus last week on the first snowy day! 

Megan Reading in her favorite spot in the maple tree

Megan 10 She has been begging me to let her cut her hair again and I keep making excuses not to take her. Both girls  did get enough to donate to locks of love last time! i asked her if she would like to try some hair clips for long hair that I seen on a blog and she has agreed.
Megan and Alex 6 - Alex loves Trucks and Hot Wheels cars. He likes to play outside and loves to laugh. Sometimes when he laughs it sounds like he cry's and vise-versa! He is a great helper! He also is VERY good at WII bowling and usually scores over 150

Matthew 1  Reading... well looking at the pictures. 

Matthew is a busy little guy always trying to be bigger than he is to keep up with the older kids means he won't stay the baby for as long as I wanted him to.

Matthew and Zane- Zane is 7- He loves Pokemon and  WII Star Wars -He loves to read and  does great in school. Last year he had perfect attendance all year! This year he missed a day already when he got the flu right  in the first month. 
James and Sierra  2- playing in the leaves while catching snow with their tongues. I know you can't see them in the picture. 

Sierra you are so big and so are your boots! Sierra was the first born of the twins! She likes to do intricate things  like button coats, lock things zip and snap.  She also likes being pretty, dancing and singing!

Playing monster at the hospital with James! His eye was swollen and infected from a mosquito bite as he is 

Sierra Mommy and James having TOO much fun cooking. At our house we do a lot of cooking with the kids. By the time they are adults both the boys and girls should know how to cook. 

Jim and the kids  cooking a peach upside down cake for me for my birthday. sorry it is blurry! 
My oldest sons pictures have disappeared I will have to add them later!