Once upon a time..

There once was a mom with 5 children. After much thought, prayer and conversations with many pastors she decided to get divorced.  To make ends meet she took a job at a local factory. When her job was sent to Holland 2 hours away she was not able to move. Against the advice of ladies at the church she was attending she took a job at a local bar. After 10 years in her previous marriage single life and the bar seemed like fun to her though she never felt she belonged there.  She took on a few roommates here and there to help pay the bills which turned out another bad idea. Through working at the bar she ran into a child hood acquaintance. The soldier soon fell in love with her and the children. (Most likely the children first.) They married and Soon after he left for Iraq! Meanwhile on the home front in Michigan she was busy preparing for his return. Being Pregnant for twins, and caring for 5 children alone took its toll and Labor came 8 weeks early for the twins. This happened to be During the 4 day leave soldiers get for deployment. Although he did not get to see the birth he did get to meet his babies before leaving for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Injures to his back sent him to Ft Lewis Washington to go through the MEB and get medical attention. After a Year long wait he was finally medically discharged. 3 months later their 8th child was born. That's our story! Join me as I blog about our continuing journey through thick and thin in sickness and in health... You know the rest!

May 2, 2009 We Were Married . Yes the twins were in that belly...

May 9 2009  Mothers Day Jim shipped off for Iraq

June 26th 2009 Jim was able to come home on a short leave which happened to be the day James And Sierra Arrived Early. This pic was when he left at the airport June 29th 2009

Then It was off To Iraq

We Sent Stitch to look after him.

Sierra on the homefront waiting for daddy

James dreamed of his daddy's return

Jim still in Iraq braving the sand storm waiting to return

Stitch was still watching out for Jim "Ohana means family no body gets left behind"

Jim made a new friend Fergie
At home the family waited  and tried to boost the moral as much as possible

Sending care packages


Night after night of "I love you good night Daddy" on the web cam

Twizzlers made him happy as he waited to return

Anything to get a laugh...

A smile.....

A proud son waiting.....

Babies growing up way to fast waiting for Daddy

Daddy please come home soon

Home at last for Christmas!!!

Daisy Daddy's Home For Christmas

Finally home and a new chapter begins.... June 2010
This picture was taken in the plane window on the way home.